In our office we close for the long Thanksgiving weekend.  This year as always, we will take off Thursday and come back on the following Monday.  It is the longest time we are closed for the whole year.  All the staff look forward to this time of year.   We get to spend extended time with family and friends.  Dr. Hirano has an amazing dinner with his wife’s family and looks forward to his mother-in-law’s wonderful stuffing!  Dr. Fukunaga will enjoy her mom’s scrumptious homemade cranberry sauce and her sister’s famous cornbread.  And then, of course, she will be up at the crack dawn to get some Black Friday Shopping done.  Other staff will take a quick trip to see out of town relatives and loved ones.  Thanksgiving is an important time to reconnect with the people that mean the most to you in life.  We at Clear Choice Optometry hope that you and yours will get to reconnect with those that mean the most to you.  Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.