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      My family and I have been going to Clear Choice for a few years now. It has always been a positive experience with no issues. The staff and doctors are courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. The staff works well with us to coordinate appointment times and works to get me the best deal on prices when using my insurance.

    thumb Ana M.

      Dr. Hirano is my two young children's optometrist and I couldn't be happier.  They both had an amazing experience for their first time at the eye doctor.  He is very knowledgeable and so good with kids.

    thumb jamie b.

      Shelly was absolutely incredible. She was so professional, kind, and knowledgeable during my examination. I really appreciated the caring, tentative, and patient care that I received during my visit today. She answered all my questions and made sure I understood every procedure.

    I also commend the front desk for making the entire ordering and payment process very convenient and timely. I was also given a pleasant gift for checking in on Yelp  

    Overall, wonderful experience. I would highly recommend these amazing professionals to anyone!

    thumb Veronica V.

      I've known Dr. Paul as I affectionately​ call him, for 3 years and knew him as a very classy man with a ready smile at all times, but I never knew he was an Optometrist. About 6 months ago I noticed that not only did I need reading glasses, but I noticed that my vision was blurry at a distance. To be honest I was a little concerned, about blood sugar issues or something more serious as the cause. I kept saying to myself that I need to get my eyes checked and when I finally mentioned it to a friend, they said, why don't you go see Dr. Paul. I was flabbergasted that I didn't know this about him. From the time I called his office his staff was friendly, professional and extremely sharp. When I finally got to his office, my exam included sitting in front of 4 high tech pieces of equipment (all painless-smile), that took pictures of of the inside of my eyeballs. I didn't even know that was possible...Crazy! The professionalism, kindness, and accuracy was amazing. One of the biggest things was how much time Dr. Paul took with me to make sure I understood what was going on with my eyes and how to correct it. He then mentioned on another occasion after giving me my prescription​ for glasses that I might be eligible to wear contacts. He said he had been thinking about my situation knowing that I'm extremely active, I practice Gracie Jiu-Jitsu 5 days a week (I was amazed that he was thinking about my situation seeing as to how busy they are in their practice). I went in for the fitting, he sat with me to make sure I knew exactly how to put them on my eyes, take them out and keep them clean. It was a little nerve-wracking​​, but he allayed my fears and concerns (these are the only eyes I have and want to keep them-smile). I couldn't recommend more going yourself and if you have family and friends, taking them to Clear Choice Optometry, they'll take excellent care of you. Oh, I almost forgot they love to work with kids! I live in Santa Monica and I happily drive to Torrance to go to "my Optometrist".

    thumb Rasul D.

      Dr. Hirano and his staff are nice and very capable people. Im brand new here but they provided a seamless experience. Hirano himself is very knowledgable and took his time to carefully explain things. 20/20 would recommend. Bonus points cause no one pointed out the fact that my glasses are being held together with tape

    thumb James K.

      Very accommodating ! I went to get my glasses adjusted and just walk in! Yay! Plus our yearly check is really good and Dr. Fukunaga is really sweet! Staff are always friendly and helpful! Thank you so much for always having a great visit!

    thumb Angel L.

      My experience with Dr. Hirano & his staff is always a pleasure. I get the same friendly, fast & great service every time I go! I always reccomend him & his staff to other co workers, friends & family. When they are looking for a good eye doctor (optometrist). He's now my longtime boyfriend's optometrist !

    thumb Lexie M.

      Dr. Hirano is wonderful--a true professional who is extremely knowledgeable and personable. His referral to an accomplished surgeon and associate helped me to save my vision which was rapidly failing. I am so thankful and grateful to have been under his care at a time when I really needed serious medical attention.  Most Sincerely, Nancy S.  Rancho Palos Verdes

    thumb kenneth v.

      Love Dr. Paul, but the optometry part of the business is incredibly expensive. I don't jhave vision insurance. I started asking  the price for my prescription for the current frames I was waering,  progressive, transitions, high index, all coatings. The associate STARTED at $600 on her calculator! When I saw that I said " stop" I can't afford that.  I can go back to Warby and pay $275, better yet , I went to Zenni and bought a pair of frames with all of the  above that are just fine for $ 120.  Only get frames and lenses there if you're lucky enough to  have insurance.

    thumb R. S.

      So luckily I found Dr. Hirano, he listens to all my concerns very patiently.  Staff is very friendly and accommodating with my appointments, never have to wait to see the doctor.

    thumb Sharon K.

      I have known Paul and Shelly for many years and they have always treated me and my family with care and expertise.  I was fit with soft toric daily disposable lenses and I am amazed at how well I see with them.  Shelly took her time and it did take a couple of different prescriptions to finally nail it since soft lenses tend to rotate on my eyes.

    thumb David T.

      Came here while experiencing an eye infection since my optometrist is all the way in Silver Lake and I was antsy to get my eye checked. Anyway I saw their reviews on yelp, so I decided to call them and ask if I could be seen. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly. Once at the office everyone was very nice and professional, so I will be making them my new optometrist office

    thumb Alma M.

      I like Dr. Hirano. I was the first time patient at Clear Choice Optometry and I am positively surprised as the visit went well. Additionally - I think this place is quite well organized and Dr. Hirano was very polite. I took an hour off from work hoping to be back on time and it worked. I will be coming back.

    thumb Andrew W.

      We have been with Dr. Hirano for many years now...I would have to say well over 15 years. I live in the Long Beach area but I don't mind driving to Torrance for my yearly eye exam. Dr. Hirano is so friendly and has always provided my family the best service for our eye care. Dr. Fukunaga and the staff are super friendly too! I always recommend Dr. Hirano/Dr. Fukunaga (Clear Choice Optometry) whenever someone is looking for an optometrist.

    thumb Meri Z.

      Dr. Hirano is amazing very professional, caring and overall educational. It was my first visit I was recommended by my insurance and it won't be my last. The lady who also recommended my glasses was also very sweet great job team can't wait to pick up my eye gear !

    thumb Angie M.


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