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      I've known Dr. Paul as I affectionately​ call him, for 3 years and knew him as a very classy man with a ready smile at all times, but I never knew he was an Optometrist. About 6 months ago I noticed that not only did I need reading glasses, but I noticed that my vision was blurry at a distance. To be honest I was a little concerned, about blood sugar issues or something more serious as the cause. I kept saying to myself that I need to get my eyes checked and when I finally mentioned it to a friend, they said, why don't you go see Dr. Paul. I was flabbergasted that I didn't know this about him. From the time I called his office his staff was friendly, professional and extremely sharp. When I finally got to his office, my exam included sitting in front of 4 high tech pieces of equipment (all painless-smile), that took pictures of of the inside of my eyeballs. I didn't even know that was possible...Crazy! The professionalism, kindness, and accuracy was amazing. One of the biggest things was how much time Dr. Paul took with me to make sure I understood what was going on with my eyes and how to correct it. He then mentioned on another occasion after giving me my prescription​ for glasses that I might be eligible to wear contacts. He said he had been thinking about my situation knowing that I'm extremely active, I practice Gracie Jiu-Jitsu 5 days a week (I was amazed that he was thinking about my situation seeing as to how busy they are in their practice). I went in for the fitting, he sat with me to make sure I knew exactly how to put them on my eyes, take them out and keep them clean. It was a little nerve-wracking​​, but he allayed my fears and concerns (these are the only eyes I have and want to keep them-smile). I couldn't recommend more going yourself and if you have family and friends, taking them to Clear Choice Optometry, they'll take excellent care of you. Oh, I almost forgot they love to work with kids! I live in Santa Monica and I happily drive to Torrance to go to "my Optometrist".

    thumb Rasul D.

      Dr. Fukunaga is GREAT, always very thorough, and kind. She always takes her time to explain everything and always with a smile on her face.

    thumb Jim W.

      Great place. Good service. I called and they had my insurance information before I arrived. The test were quick and thorough. I didn't have to wait too long and they had a nice selection of glasses. Great experience.

    thumb Sergio T.

      So luckily I found Dr. Hirano, he listens to all my concerns very patiently.  Staff is very friendly and accommodating with my appointments, never have to wait to see the doctor.

    thumb Sharon K.

      My examine went fantastically and now I went back to get the glasses. And once again  Dr.  Hirano's and Dr.  Fukunaga staff was just as professional.  I was in and out in less time than I expected..

    thumb Dennis B.

      First time ever going to a optometrist in 42 years and Dr. Fukunaga made it very comfortable. She is very nice and funny with a great sense of humor.

    thumb Kenny H.

      Dr. Hirano is wonderful--a true professional who is extremely knowledgeable and personable. His referral to an accomplished surgeon and associate helped me to save my vision which was rapidly failing. I am so thankful and grateful to have been under his care at a time when I really needed serious medical attention.  Most Sincerely, Nancy S.  Rancho Palos Verdes

    thumb kenneth v.

      Dr. Hirano is amazing very professional, caring and overall educational. It was my first visit I was recommended by my insurance and it won't be my last. The lady who also recommended my glasses was also very sweet great job team can't wait to pick up my eye gear !

    thumb Angie M.

      I've been with Dr. Hirano for years.  He is simply the best, very thorough, latest testing equipment and the most efficient and friendly staff.  Thank you Dr. Hirano for your care.

    thumb Wayne N.

      I would not trust my eyes or my daughter's eyes to any other office.  The doctors are wonderful. I have known Dr Shelly for many years and have followed her knowing that she is the best and would only associate with the best.  The office staff is wonderful and always helpful. I give this office, staff, and doctors the highest recommendation!

    thumb Michele B.

      Dr. Hirano is my two young children's optometrist and I couldn't be happier.  They both had an amazing experience for their first time at the eye doctor.  He is very knowledgeable and so good with kids.

    thumb jamie b.

      Very professional office. I expected to have to wait quite a bit as is typical with most medical offices. Not only did they have my forms pre-filled out for me, but I really didn't have to wait at all to be seen by the doctor. I was out in no time. Everybody who works there was extremely nice, and I couldn't have had better care from the doctor.
    Absolutely recommend this office to others.

    thumb Abraham G.

      I had a great visit with Dr. Fukunaga. Quick and polite service. Plus they have a very nice selection of glasses.
    What makes coming here so convenient is the ease of scheduling and canceling appointments. And they send you text messages to let you know when your new pair of glasses are ready. Give them a try if you're looking for Optometrist.

    thumb Crystal M.

      Im a first time patient and I'm very impressed with this office. Every one is nice, helpful and patient. The office is clean and inviting. Ive been to many other offices in the last 15 years and Dr Hirano is by the far the best optometrist I've ever had. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely caring. He was able to answer all my questions but at the same time fast and efficient. Thank you Dr Hirano!

    thumb Bobbi V.

      Dr Hirano was so awesome!!  He is knowledgeable and very quick to the point.  It was worth waiting to get the appointment:)

    thumb Yo R.


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