Children's Vision & Eye Care Torrance CA


Undiagnosed vision problems are a major factor in many children with poor educational performance, decreased attention spans and learning difficulties It just is not enough that they can read the chart at the pediatrician’s office or at the school screening performed by the nurse. There are many times when the child’s previously undiagnosed vision problem is corrected, and other educational or behavioral issues decrease or resolve entirely.

Dr. Hirano and Dr. Fukunaga recommend that at a absolute minimum, all children should have a complete eye exam by age 4. Sooner if there are any concerns that the parent may have. These concerns may include the child not looking at the parent’s face in infancy or with a crossed eye, a toddler unable to see the plane in the sky that is plainly visible, a preschooler that gets very close to look at a book or closes one eye to read. With any symptom like this, the child should be seen as soon as possible.

The eye doctors both have extensive training in taking care of children’s vision and eyes. Through decades of experience and thousands of examinations they have developed methods to accurately and thoroughly assess the eyes of children as young as infants. We look forward to taking care of your kids!