Christmas Party!

We had our office Christmas party this past Saturday.  The party is mainly a chance for me (Dr. Hirano) to say thank you to a wonderful staff that works incredibly hard to fulfill our office mission statement: Unsurpassed Patient Care and Satisfaction.  We usually pick a nice restaurant that has a private room, so we can play a few games, give out some awards and listen to me with a few reflections of the past year.  This year is it was at Brio, a relatively new restaurant attached to the Del Amo mall.  I’ll usually make up a game and it is always good for a lot of laughs.   The game this year had 3 teams trying to guess trivia answers about myself and Dr. Fukunaga.  It’s a time where the staff can get to know us a little better and where we can laugh at some of the silly things that have happened in our past.

One highlight of the evening is awarding a special prize to one of the staff.  All year long we have an internal reward system where staff members can recognize other employees for going above and beyond the call of duty to help other staffers or patients.  I keep track during the year and the person that was recognized the most gets the prize.  This year Evelia (Bella) Loza won and I could not be prouder of her. She has learned so many new technical skills since coming to Clear Choice Optometry.  This, coupled with her outstanding personal care to our patients, makes her a true asset to the office.  Congratulations Bella!

There is a Secret Santa gift exchange and we end the night with me expressing my gratitude for the incredible team we have and giving them a present.  This year the present was carry-on bag with our logo and name embroidered on it.  All in all, a good night, with fun and good fellowship outside the office.  Clear Choice Optometry wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!