Isn’t it funny how life is always changing!  You get a new job or car, meet an new friend. Or, if you are older, get a new ache or pain!  Things are always changing at my practice too.  Thankfully most of the changes are generally for the better.  Right now, one of my long-time employees, Alex Ramos has decided to pursue his dream of becoming an officer and pilot in the Air Force.  It’s a change that is good for him, but sad for us.  He is leaving us and we will miss him!  In his place, Yvonne Silva has joined our Clear Choice Optometry family as one of our opticians.  She started at the end of October and is a wonderful addition to our team.  Welcome Yvonne!

Another change is apparent by looking at the practice as a whole.  When I moved my practice to our current location in 2006, I had four employees and one computer.  Eleven years later, we have 14 employees, 14 computers and several new high-tech diagnostic instruments.  Dr. Fukunaga joined us in 2013 and together we have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education to keep our optometric knowledge sharp.  All these changes are meant to help us accomplish our mission statement: Unsurpassed Patient Care and Satisfaction.  Our goal is to do whatever it takes to serve our patients with state of the art technology and the personal care we would want our own family to receive.   We are thankful that hundreds of our patients have acknowledged our efforts by writing 5 star reviews for us on Yelp and Google.

Change is inevitable in a practice and in life.  It is our hope that the changes and improvements we make in our practice will benefit you with improved vision care and a smooth, pleasant patient experience.  We also hope that the changes in your own life will be positive and lead to much joy and contentment.  Socrates said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building on the new.”  Here’s to all of us building on the new!